Gross Anatomy Laboratory

The Gross Anatomy Laboratory is a cutting edge facility providing a complete dissection experience.  Each dissection station is equipped with a computer, 23 inch high definition monitor, keyboard and mouse.  The computer provides access to GALEN (Gross Anatomy Laboratory Electronic Network) which includes an electronic dissector linked to images from several of the leading gross anatomy atlases and a series of dissection videos of the human body.  In addition, GALEN provides a link to D2L, the University's course management system, which enables students to access notes, PowerPoint lectures, Camtasia recordings of lectures and other resources associated with Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy courses during their dissection experience. The laboratory has modern ventilation and passes a strict air quality examination twice per year.  The laboratory is available to students on a 24/7 schedule and has a full-time diener available during normal working hours.
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