Our Mission

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science is embarking on a 5-year, $5 million campaign to increase support for scholarships. Scholarships transform the student experience and lend critical support to our mission to invest in the future of the education of tomorrow’s health care leaders.

The rising cost of educating health professionals has an impact on both students and patients. The cost of schooling can prevent well-qualified students from enrolling and staying in school. This means that the best and the brightest may not be the health care professionals of the future and that the workforce of the future will not be as diverse as the population it serves.

Rosalind Franklin University has had tremendous growth in enrollment over the past five years, and it has expanded its health sciences education to five graduate-level colleges and schools. Raising additional funds for scholarships will help Rosalind Franklin University to remain competitive with peer institutions, to attract and retain the highest caliber of students, and to maintain a diverse student body. Additionally, accrediting organizations look for scholarship support when making accreditation decisions.

The University strives to invest in the education of health professionals, both now and in the future, while maintaining a strong financial position. We provide a top-quality education and maintain a reputation for giving back to our community. The University prides itself on teaching medical team members, rather than just the individual through our interprofessional teaching model. Our students have access to some of the best facilities and state-of-the-art training and educational capabilities including the new Morningstar Interprofessional Education Center, the Education and Evaluation Center and the Gross Anatomy Laboratory. For the University to maintain this high standard and provide sufficient financial aid to students requires additional funds.

The University’s Board of Trustees, President, and Deans are committed to assisting students with scholarships and financial aid to the greatest degree possible. Please join us today with your support.