The first two years are devoted primarily to the study of the structure and function of the human body. Students have early clinical experiences in our state of the art standardized patient Education and Evaluation Center (EEC) as well as opportunities to connect with physician preceptors. Faculty and students also use a state of the art Automated Response System (ARS) which allows real time feedback from students during large group lectures.  Students are also exposed to cutting edge decision support software (ISABEL) as they learn how to use technology to assist in the clinical reasoning process.

Course material is offered in a course-based, systems-related approach. An integrated basic science unit starts the year, and then the material becomes more systems-related as each course progresses throughout the year.

View the four year curriculum chart. 

First Year Courses:

• Clinical Anatomy
• Embryology
• Histology
• Clinical Genetics
• Interprofessional Healthcare Teams
• Essentials of Clinical Reasoning
• Introduction to Medical Ethics
• Medical Biochemistry
• Medical Physiology
• Clinical Molecular Cell Biology
• Clinical Epidemiology
• Medical Neuroscience

Second Year Courses:

• Clinical Neuroscience
• Foundations of Medical Pharmacology
• General and Systemic Pathology
• Essentials of Clinical Reasoning
• Medical Microbiology and Immunology
• Preventive Medicine
• Clinical Skills Course  

Year 3 & 4:

The last two years are devoted to clinical clerkship experiences which include family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, psychiatry, pediatrics, emergency medicine, neurology, ambulatory care and surgery.  An additional 36 weeks of clinical time can be spent pursuing individual interests in over 160 different elective offerings.

• Rotations in Emergency Medicine and Ambulatory Medicine are offered in addition to the 6 standard clerkships
• Online fourth year electives (D2L)
• Opportunity for elective time during third year
• Exposure to Electronic Medical Records in some hospitals
• Required 2 week Clinical Skills course prior to beginning clerkships
• Students may earn elective credit for research and international experiences
• The M3 Clinical Skills Exam (a standardized patient encounter developed to assess competency in clinical skills) required at end of third year    

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