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The mission of Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science is to serve the nation through the education of health and biomedical professionals, and the discovery of knowledge dedicated to improving the health of its people.

The Department of Healthcare Simulation seeks to support the University's mission by providing simulation-based learning activities designed to help trainees master their clinical skills in order provide safe and effective patient care of the highest quality.

Simulation-based training (SBT) is used to help professionals master important skills and behaviors in a realistic work-based setting where mistakes have the potential for serious consequences in the real world. 

In healthcare, SBT is viewed as an active learning technique to help students master crucial clinical behaviors such as performing a history and physical exam, using appropriate interpersonal communication, and engaging in accurate clinical reasoning. 

At RFUMS we use a variety of simulation techniques including Standardized Patient encounters, mannequin-based simulation, task training, and virtual patient simulation. 

In addition to providing RFUMS students and faculty with simulation-based learning activities, The Department of Healthcare Simulation is also committed to research and scholarship identifying best practices to advance the most effective use of simulation based training in healthcare disciplines.

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