About Information Technology Services

The Information Technology Services (ITS) team provides a variety of services that create a foundation for all technology solutions on the RFUMS campus. ITS is comprised of professional staff spread across multiple teams with a common set of skills and ambition, and a desire to collaborate both internally and externally with the University community. We provide services in the following areas:

  • Administrative Information Systems - Support for software, databases, and reporting tools
  • Client Services - Desktop support and audio visual services provided by IT Help Desk
  • Infrastructure Support - Support for servers, networking, and telephony
  • Project Management & Business Analysis - Integration of technology into daily operations
  • Security Services – Services such as anti-virus, spam blocking, encryption
  • Technical Training – Assistance using the available technology.

Our mission is to provide high quality technology resources and support services that foster the mission, vision, and strategic plan of Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. While we do not support every aspect of technology on the campus, we will work closely with other support units to make sure that technology is working for you.

Our vision is to be an enabler of innovation and a valued community partner that enhances the education of future health care professionals, assists researchers in the process of scientific discovery, and improves the technology skills of our local community.

We are here to serve the University community and we value our role in leveraging technology to advance the university. Our actions are driven by a set of core values that help us understand our connection to the people in the RFUMS community.

  • Excellence – We strive to deliver accurate solutions in a timely manner that clearly meet our customer’s needs. Technology solutions must be dependable in order to provide value to the community.
  • Respect – We appreciate and value the role that every community member has within the University. No person is unworthy of our attention, and all issues are appropriately prioritized across the institution. We view each customer as the expert in their field.
  • Service – We collaborate with our customers to deliver efficient technology solutions that will meet their needs. People are the key to daily operation and process innovation; thus, we do everything in our power to keep our customers operating at the highest level of efficiency.
  • Teamwork – We encourage an environment where employees can work together to tackle tough problems. Technology is a complex discipline that contains many specializations. Our employees need to work together as a team and leverage their unique skill sets to deliver quality results to our clients.
  • Professionalism - Technology is our career and we take it very seriously. We take pride in our work and strive for personal and professional excellence. From the clothes we wear to the degrees we have earned, all of our actions should show you that we are colleagues you can trust.

We welcome any feedback about the scope of service we provide and the quality of our support efforts.


Richard Loesch
Chief Information Officer

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