Computer & Internet Requirements

Coursework for the Online and Distance Education MS and Certificate programs are completed online with little or no on-campus requirement. The DSc/PhD and the Post Professional Doctor in Physical Therapy programs have an on-campus requirement. For online courses, students, faculty and staff maintain contact and interact via the Internet with a user-friendly learning management system (LMS). The LMS provides one location for students to easily access course syllabi and readings; receive and submit assignments and projects; complete exams and course evaluations; and interact with classmates and faculty through discussion postings and private mail messages. The online educational environment is password protected and accessible only to students registered in courses. Outside of the course environment, students communicate with faculty and staff through University e-mail, telephone, fax and mail as needed.

Students may access their course materials anywhere in the world, at any time, as long as the computer they are using has access to the Internet and a web browser. Courses are delivered asynchronously, as contrasted with real-time, and provide students with greater flexibility and convenience than on-campus classes. The degree and certificate programs, however, are not self-paced; the curricula are designed so that students complete courses each quarter and their entire plans of study in a timely manner.

The following guidelines represent the recommended computer system that is required for the Online and Distance Education programs.

Operating System  Windows 7; Windows 8; Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Computer Intel-based dual core PC or Mac laptop
Hard Drive 500 GB
Modem Cable modem, DSL, 802.11n wireless
Sound Card Built-In
Speakers Built-In
Mouse Yes or touch pad
Video SVGA monitor minimum resolution of 800 x 600
Printer Inkjet or laser;
Color or black and white
Microphone Any microphone that allows for Voice Over PowerPoint Presentations
Backup External USB backup drive
Java Script Enabled
Cookies Enabled


Recommended for optimal use with learning management system.

 Web Browser Windows: Internet Explorer v9; Mozilla Firefox v20 or later; Google Chrome (newest)
Mac OS X: Firefox 7.0; Safari 5.1
Mobile Web: IOS 3 (Safari); IOS 4 (Safari); Android 1.5; android 2.1; Blackberry 6
Internet Service Provider* Yes
Internet Access Cable or DSL modem
E-mail Address Once enrolled in a degree program, students will be provided with a Gmail account for
use in school-related communication outside of the course environment.
*Please be aware that many companies and military installations have firewalls in place that prevent access to the learning management system.



Required Software  Software Developer Purpose
Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) JAVA Learning management system requirement
Microsoft Office 2007 or higher Microsoft Corporation Word: Word processing software
PowerPoint: Presentation software
Excel: Spreadsheet and statistical analysis software
Anti-virus AVAST Software
Free edition
Protection against computer viruses, worms, etc.
Browser and e-mail   Browser: Access the Internet, learning management 
system, and university e-mail.
E-mail software: Access personal e-mail account.

Due to the rapid advances occurring in technology and the needs of particular courses, students may be required to upgrade or buy additional software during the course of the program.

  • For those who already own a computer system, this information should help determine if an upgrade of their current system is necessary.
  • For those who need to purchase a new system, a state -of-the-art system that fits one's budget is recommended.
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