Transfer Credit/Advanced Standing


Advanced Standing and Transfer Credits

Students completing courses in fully accredited institutions, or at those institutions that are in some phase of the accreditation process by a recognized accrediting body, will be reviewed for credit transfer if grades are “B” or better. Students requesting transfer credit must submit their request in writing to the chair of their individual department. The Admissions committee for that department evaluates the appropriateness of the course for transfer. No transfer credit is awarded for certificate programs. See individual programs below for additional program requirements.

Competency Testing
The College of Health Professions recognizes that knowledge, competence and skill may be acquired under circumstances and in places other than formal and traditional educational institutions. Therefore, credit and advanced standing may be granted for relevant knowledge, competence and skill developed in such places as the Armed Forces, proprietary institutions and on-the-job experience.* However, the College of Health Professions reserves the right to assign such credit and/or advanced standing to the applicant on the basis of some acceptable measure of competence in the field, discipline, or subject in question. Among these measures of competence may be any of the following: assessment of work experience in relationship to the profession for which the student is being trained; subject matter examinations prepared by the College Entrance Examination Board or the Armed Forces. *Not applicable to all programs. For more information contact individual program.


Health Administration
A maximum of 9 quarter hours of graduate credit may be accepted from other accredited institutions into the Master of Science program. No transfer credit will be awarded for the certificate programs. Students requesting transfer credit must complete and submit a transfer credit request form, description of the course(s) requesting to be applied as transfer credit, and an official transcript reflecting a grade of "B" or better to the Program Director. No credit will be given for life experience. No credit can be earned through proficiency examinations.

Interprofessional Healthcare Studies
Health Professions Education
No transfer credit is awarded for the certificate programs. For the other programs a maximum of 9 quarter hours of graduate credit may be accepted from other accredited institutions.

Admitted students must submit request for transfer credit to the Department of Nutrition for departmental review and decision after matriculation. Requests for transfer credit should include course or catalog descriptions and syllabi for the courses for which transfer credit is requested. Up to 8 quarter hours of comparable graduate level coursework will be considered for transfer credit, typically counted as elective credit requirements. No transfer credit will be awarded for the certificate program. No credit will be given for life experience or through proficiency examinations.

Requests for transfer credit will be evaluated by the Department Chair in consultation with department faculty members. Final decisions to grant individual course transfer credit are the responsibility of the Department Chair and are forwarded to the Office of the Registrar for consolidation.

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