Sustainable University


Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science is dedicated to establishing a University-wide plan that promotes environmental sustainability by endorsing the following:

1) Establishing a Campus Sustainability Committee that involves faculty, staff, students and architectural resources to:

  • Educate the University community about GREEN programs that are being initiated and solicit suggestions.
  • Work with campus food and dining services to identify strategies to bring sustainable products to the Student Union and DNA Cafe. 
  • Establish a University-wide GREEN website.

2) Establish goals for LEED certification by:

  • Sustainable sites (GREEN site exterior management).
  • Water efficiency (access use of facilities and land to identify strategies for water consumption).
  • Energy and atmosphere.
  • Materials and resources (recycling and SWAP programs).
  • Innovation through new building construction.

3) Conduct an independent energy audit as part of the due diligence process to:

  • Assess energy usage and identify potential reductions.
  • Assess energy costs and potential reductions.