University Strategic Plan
President's Message
I am excited to offer the new Strategic Plan for 2012-2015 for Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. This document represents a year of effort from the Strategic Planning TEAM, comprised of 40 members of the University faculty, staff, and student bodies, in collaboration with the RFUMS Board of Trustees, its alumni, the internal University community and its external community partners.

Strategic planning and the successful execution of these plans have given Rosalind Franklin University a stable platform from which we have built our future. Both the Strategic Plans of 2004–2006 and subsequent Plan for 2007-2011 provided a crucial roadmap for change and progress. We accomplished a remarkable proportion of over 85% of the planned goals.
The new strategic plan has been the most extensively discussed, most heavily data driven and most inclusive to date, with the involvement of a wide spectrum of University members. The efforts to gather and disseminate data, formulate common conclusions, and commit plans and ideas to paper, again have proven powerful in developing a common investment, shared accountability, and excitement within the University community. The plan gives assurance to our community and professional partners that Rosalind Franklin University knows itself, knows its goals and has the skills and confidence to achieve them. I am grateful to so many from the extended University communities for their leadership in planning our future.


     Best regards,
                                                                                             K. Michael Welch, MB, ChB, FRCP
                                                                                             President and CEO