Health Administration

Dual Degree

The department of Health Services Administration would like to invite all current RFUMS healthcare students to enroll in our Masters of Science degree or Certificate programs in Health Administration (HA).

The Masters of Science degree in HA and the four Certificate programs (Health Administration, Health Administration Public Health Emphasis, Health Administration Risk Management and Health Insurance Emphasis, and Health Administration  Diversity, Health Literacy and Global Health Emphasis) are distance learning (on-line) programs designed for self-motivated healthcare students.  Enrollment may occur any time after your first quarter of study in your program.

Program features:

  • Learn the business aspects of healthcare while you become a health care professional.
  • No “real-time” class requirements.
  • Concurrent enrollment in Health Administration (HA) program while you complete your primary degree.
  • Flexibility in completing HA program while completing your primary degree.
  • Choice of Certificate (4 courses each) or Masters of Science degree.
  • Transfer up to 9 quarter hours of graduate coursework into the MS degree program at the discretion of the department faculty. Transfer credit may be allowed for individual courses in which the final grades are "B" or better.
  • 25% tuition scholarship for students concurrently enrolled in another program.
  • Tuition scholarships are offered to students who complete the MS degree in Health Administration. Students who fail to complete the MS degree are subject to repayment of these awarded funds. 

The goals of the program are to:

  • Enhance multidisciplinary administration skills.
  • Foster the desire and skill to engage in the clinical inquiry process.
  • Assist students in developing a depth of knowledge, skill, and investigative attitude toward research, business, and leadership expertise.
  • Enhance the ability to engage in self-directed, life-long learning.
  • Prepare the graduate for leadership roles in the clinical setting.

Admission Requirements are:

  • A student in good standing in your program at Rosalind Franklin University.
  • Approval of the Dean of your college/school.
  • Bachelor degree from accredited institution.

For more information please contact Laura Nelson at or Program Director Diane Bridges

Completed application, personal statement and Dean’s letter must be submitted six weeks before a quarter begins.