Young Alumni Giving

Start Giving Now and have an Impact!

You don't have to wait to start giving.  You can make a difference with your own philanthropy right now by clicking here!  The value of your gift is even greater than its dollar amount.  Giving every year helps send a message that the newest generation of alumni understands the role of philanthropy in their own education.

As a young alumnus you might ask the question:

How can I easily make a gift to my alma mater?

The answer is set-up a recurring gift on your charge card.  Just think of some things that cost around $10.00 such as: drive thru coffee, MP3 download, takeout pizza, on demand movie or a smart phone app.  You can see how giving up just 10 of these items at one time during the year will easily allow you to make a $100.00 gift to your alma mater.

Why should I consider a recurring charge card gift?

It takes the hassle out of remembering when to make a gift and it also allows for making larger gifts by breaking it down into smaller amounts.  It is also convenient and secure.

Why should I give?

Looking back at your time and experience as a student many of your experiences and opportunities would not have been possible without the generosity of alumni donors.  This is your opportunity to express gratitude for the experiences you have had.  Your giving is also an opportunity to honor a classmate, faculty mentor or family member.

Doesn't tuition cover everything?

Not completely.  Tuition only makes up a portion of what is necessary to provide the excellence in education RFU delivers every day.  The balance comes from gifts from alumni, faculty, staff, trustees, friends, corporations, foundations and estate gifts.  The University relies on annual donations to maintain the standard of academic excellence we all expect.

Will my gift make a difference?

Yes, every gift, no matter its size, makes a difference.  Your gift added with others quickly adds up to make a bigger impact.  And also, when we give others are inspired by your example to give.

Can I designate which school or area receives my support?

Yes, you may designate your gift for your school and for what purpose.

How do I make a contribution?

The easiest way is to make it online by clicking here.  Gifts can also be made by phone 847-578-8340 or mail to the Division of Institutional Advancement, Rosalind Franklin University, 3333 Green Bay Rd., North Chicago, IL 60064.


You don't have to wait to start giving.  You can make a difference with your own philanthropy right now by clicking here!


Giving shows pride in your alma mater, and demonstrates strength in numbers as more members of your class give.  Your giving also supports the special educational experience that RFUMS is known for. 

Young Alumni Giving - "Step Up For Your Alma Mater" suggested levels

1 to 3 years after graduation - $100

4 to 5 years after graduation - $250

6 to 7 years after graduation - $300

8 to 9 years after graduation - $400

10 years after graduation - $500

or if you graduated in:

2013 - $100

2012 - $100

2011 - $100

2010 - $250

2009 - $250

2008 - $300

2007 - $300

2006 - $400

2005 - $400

2004 - $500

2003 - $500

2002 - $500




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