Board of Governors of CMS Alumni Association

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2013-2015 Officers

Franklin D. Pratt, MD ’81
Theresa Kepic, MD ’85
Carey Strom, MD ’80
Vice President
A. Michael Drachler, MD ’78*
Immediate Past President
Mildred M. G. Olivier, MD ’88

Richard Blum, MD ’63
Ronald R. Eisner, MD ’58
Raymond Firfer, MD ’49
Abe W. Friedman, MD '74*
Jerome A. Gold, MD ’53*
Mitchell L. Goldflies, MD ’75
Richard F. Greenberg, MD ’83
Marc Hirsch, MD ’98
Marcel I. Horowitz, MD ’58
Nancy L. Jones, MD ’82*
Miles Kahan, MD ’59*
Philip Kissel, MD ’83
Cheryl Kraff-Cooper, MD ’83
Donald Y. Lesser, MD ’59
Edward B. Magid, MD ’57
Stuart Meyer, MD ’60
Oleh S. Paly, MD ’84
Robert J. Rogers, MD ’82*
S. Burton Roth, MD ’63
Herbert Sohn, MD, JD ’55*
Sam J. Speron, MD ’94
Alvin Stein, MD ’61*
Gerald Strum, MD ’60
Ian H. Taras, MD ’92
George W. Taus, MD ’72

*Past Presidents

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Division of Institutional Advancement
CHP Alumni Association

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