Board of Governors of CMS Alumni Association

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2013-2015 Officers

Franklin D. Pratt, MD ’81
Theresa Kepic, MD ’85
Carey Strom, MD ’80
Vice President
A. Michael Drachler, MD ’78*
Immediate Past President
Mildred M. G. Olivier, MD ’88

Lecia Apantaku, MD ’81
Richard Blum, MD ’63
Ronald R. Eisner, MD ’58
Raymond Firfer, MD ’49
Abe W. Friedman, MD '74*
Jerome A. Gold, MD ’53*
Mitchell L. Goldflies, MD ’75
Richard F. Greenberg, MD ’83
Marc Hirsch, MD ’98
Marcel I. Horowitz, MD ’58
Nancy L. Jones, MD ’82*
Miles Kahan, MD ’59*
Philip Kissel, MD ’83
Cheryl Kraff-Cooper, MD ’83
Donald Y. Lesser, MD ’59
Edward B. Magid, MD ’57
Stuart Meyer, MD ’60
Oleh S. Paly, MD ’84
Robert J. Rogers, MD ’82*
S. Burton Roth, MD ’63
Herbert Sohn, MD, JD ’55*
Sam J. Speron, MD ’94
Alvin Stein, MD ’61*
Ian H. Taras, MD ’92
George W. Taus, MD ’72

*Past Presidents

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Division of Institutional Advancement
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