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Program Discounts: Health Administration

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science aims to give healthcare professionals the skills to administer and manage their departments, offices and institutions having learned the leadership and management competences to do so through online Masters of Science in Health Administration and Certificate programs.

RFUMS Alumni can benefit from this online program in meeting their professional career goals while maintaining their current positions in addition to receiving other benefits offered by this program such as a 15% tuition discount and the acceptance of a transfer of 12 quarter hours from the completed RFUMS program.

The cost of the program is $539.00 per quarter hours (qh) (3 quarter hours per class). There are 14 courses (42 quarter hours) in the degree program but again 3 courses (12 quarter hours) will be transferred from the RFUMS program already attended leaving 11 courses or 33 qh to complete for the Masters degree. (4 core classes are needed for the Certificate.)

The Health Administration program offers three educational options:

  • The MS Program in Health Administration is an online program designed to augment students’ education and professionals’ experiences with business acumen to better plan for and respond to changes in the healthcare industry.
  • The Certificate in Health Administration is geared toward those seeking to advance their knowledge of health administration on select topics that meet their professional career goals.*
  • The Certificate in Health Administration – Public Health Emphasis is a defined series of four courses designed to advance the student’s knowledge in health administration with an emphasis in public health.*
* No courses are transferred into the Certificate programs.


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