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The Office of Marketing and Communications advances the University's brand through multi-channel marketing efforts, as well as media relations, communications and special projects.

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Alliance for Health Sciences Pursues Collaborative Research

Researchers from RFU and DePaul recently attended a retreat designed to develop innovative projects aimed at improving health and well-being. Read more....

University Marks 100th Commencement Celebration

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science held its 100th Commencement Celebration on June 6 at the Civic Opera House in Chicago, conferring more than 600 graduate degrees in numerous biomedical and health science disciplines. Read more....

University Honors Namesake With New Sculpture

Martin Franklin (left) and Rosalind Franklin Jekowsky, the nephew and niece of British scientist Rosalind Franklin, attended the May 29 unveiling of a bronze sculpture in the scientist's honor. Read more....

RWCLC: Form Follows Function

The state-of-the-art learning spaces in the university’s latest expansion, the Rothstein Warden Centennial Learning Center, are proving fertile ground for interactive learning. “The classroom has to be fluid lab where students can ask clinical questions, seek information to make clinical decisions and get feedback on the accuracy of those decisions,” says James Carlson, PhD, PA-C, vice dean, College of Health Professions. Read more....

Therapeutic Listening

In the year since she was named a Schweitzer Fellow, future pediatrician Diana Chen, CMS ’14, has grasped the importance of a skill that puts patient interaction at the forefront of treatment. “You just need to sit down and listen,” said Chen, who is using her fellowship to work among the medically underserved on Chicago’s West Side. Read more....

A Head Start

A thriving podiatry practice in Tulsa, OK, home to five alumni of the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, recently welcomed Abdurrahman Kabani, SCPM ’17, for a day-long shadowing opportunity. “They’re modeling leadership to the next generation of podiatric physicians,” said SCPM Dean Nancy Parsley of the group. Read more....

Discovering a Future

Maria Bompolaki, SGPS ’16, left her native Greece in 2012 to pursue a PhD in physiology through the interdisciplinary graduate program in biomedical sciences at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. “The opportunity I was given to come here really opens up my possibilities for the future,” Bompolaki said. Read more....

Prescription for Leadership

The year 2013 was one of growth for Alyssa Wenzel, COP ’15, who took risks including traveling with a healthcare team to Uganda and visiting the nation’s capital to speak on behalf of parity in oral chemotherapy. “I felt like I had a lot to say,” Wenzel said. Read more....

Food for Life

Malena Perdomo, CHP ’08, has forged a career in social, print and broadcast media as a nutrition expert and consultant in her home state of Colorado and beyond. "I have a voice in my community here in Colorado," Perdomo says. "A voice where I can set the record straight about food and nutrition." Read more...

RFUMS professor shares expertise on interprofessional education

When a California health professions university needed an expert on building a culture of interprofessionalism, it called on Sarah Garber, PhD, director of interprofessional studies in the College of Pharmacy at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. “They need to grow a culture of interprofessionalism from the ground up and let the community take over,” said Garber, a keynote presenter at a recent retreat for Marshall B. Ketchum University in Fullerton, CA. Read more....

University Press Releases

DePaul nursing expansion at Rosalind Franklin earns approval

Rosalind Franklin University Scientists Prevent the Development of Deafness in Animals Engineered to Have Usher Syndrome

DePaul University and Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science Establish Alliance to Address Growing Need for Health Care Professionals

LeadAmerica and Rosalind Franklin University Collaborate to Provide Summer Learning Opportunities 

Chicago Medical School Joins White House to Address Military and Veteran Health Needs

Interprofessional Collaboration Focus of Rosalind Franklin University Seminar

Rosalind Franklin University Opens New College of Pharmacy and Interprofessional Education Center

Rosalind Franklin University Receives Sponsorship for Laboratory Enhancements

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