Insite Access

The University Intranet can be accessed now from a single URL:

Those users accessing Insite from off-campus or non-university computers will be directed to log-in with HelixNet credentials before being allowed to establish a VPN connection session.  If prompted by additional subsequent login windows, and are using your own personal computer (not a public computer), please use the checkbox option to remember the log-in info so that you won't be prompted for it again.

A few notes for logging into the VPN:

The machine you are logging in from should be up-to-date on all security patches and running the most current browser version available.
Please make sure you have a current version of Java installed. To install Java please go here.
Upon accessing the VPN site you will be asked to perform a onetime only installation of the following files. Please follow the prompts and you should be able to access InSite in no time!



Browser compatibility issues:

If using Internet Explorer from a 64-bit Windows 7 computer, please select the 32-bit version of the IE browser.

Please note that InSite web pages are best viewed using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari web browsers.
Google Chrome users have reported some intermittent vertical scrolling issues when using that browser.
If you experience other issues, please contact the Helpdesk at ext.8800 or

If using Firefox from on-campus workstations, modify the settings in the browser to set-up the Insite servers as “Trusted” in order to avoid multiple login requests.
For Apple Mac computers, the Safari or Firefox browsers seem to be the most compatible.

If you are having problems, please click HERE for Hints and Tips on accessing Insite.

For help with these or other problems related to accessing Insite please contact or call extension 8800.

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