What you need to apply

Prerequisite Courses

The courses below are required for admission. You may apply while coursework is in progress:

Prerequisite Courses Semester Hours Quarter Hours
Biology or Zoology with Lab 8 12
Inorganic Chemistry with Lab 8 12
Organic Chemistry with Lab 8 12
Physics with Lab 8 12

The Admissions Committee recommends sociology, psychology, human anatomy, molecular biology, and physiology. Statistics and biochemistry are strongly recommended but not required.

Bachelor’s Degree

To be considered for admission, you must have a BA or BS, or complete the requirements for a bachelor’s degree before enrollment.  The degree must be from an accredited institution.

Test Scores

Competitive scores on a standardized exam such as the MCAT, GRE, DAT, or OAT are required.

Letters of Recommendation

Either one committee letter or three individual letters of recommendation from persons involved in the applicant’s previous educational experience are required.


Applicants must submit official transcripts submitted from each college, university and community college previously attended.

Experience, Leadership and Volunteerism

Applicants must demonstrate interest in and understanding of the healthcare field and its various components.  Applicants should also be able to convey their motivation and commitment to health care as demonstrated by previous employment, volunteer work or other experiences.  The Admissions Committee also seeks leadership characteristics through academic or community service activities as well as a commitment to public service through a variety of humanitarian activities.


The PMP program is designed for students who seek to increase their competitiveness before applying to a professional program.  Applicants should demonstrate strong oral and communication skills throughout their application.
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