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Welcome to the RFUMS Flow Cytometry Core Facility

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility is operated by the Department of Microbiology and Immunology. 

The FACS Aria is a benchtop high speed cell sorter that can acquire up to 70,000 events/sec. It incorporates a fixed alignment cuvette flow cell with a fixed optical system and is armed with three lasers: (488nm argon blue , 633nm HeNe red,  and 405nm violet ). This permits multicolor detection of up to 9 colors along with FSC and SSC. The instrument can sort into 2 or 4 tubes, of various sizes, as well as into multiwell plates or slides. The FACSAria utilizes the latest version of PC-based FACSDiva software, which provides for enhanced sorting control and flexibility and data analysis.

Microbiology Equiptment
FACS Aria Cell Sorter


LSRII is a three laser (488nm Coherent sapphire blue, 635nm HeNe and 405nm Coherent violet laser) benchtop system designed to support basic through advanced flow cytometric applications in up to 10 colors (12 parameters currently). The ability to reconfigure the optics in this machine provides extra flexibility in experimental design. This cytometer utilizes PC based FACS Diva acquisition and analysis software, although acquired data can be analyzed in CellQuest Pro also. ModFit Program, for DNA analysis is also available.

Microbiology Equiptment


FACS Calibur is a two laser (488nm argon ion and 635nm red diode laser) benchtop system of supporting basic cytometric applications in up to 4 colors. This cytometer utilizes Mac based CellQuest Pro acquisition and analysis software.

Microbiology Equiptment

- Detection of surface markers
- Detection of intracellular markers (cytoplasmic and nuclear)
- DNA cell analysis
- Intracellular cytokine analysis (BrdU)
- Apoptosis assays
- Cell sorting - transfectants and other population
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