Diabetes Research
Diabetes research at RFUMS includes investigations into the:

  • Recruitment of adult endogenous stem cells to overcome impaired wound healing characteristic of the disease (Dan Peterson)
  • Molecular mechanisms underlying diabetic Metabolic Memory in wound healing and tissue regeneration using an adult Zebrafish model of type 1 Diabetes (Michael Sarras and Robert Intine)
  • Discovery of high-affinity inhibitors and determination of the 3-dimensional structure of the INDY (I'm Not Dead Yet) transporter, a carrier which may play a role in obesity, a major risk factor for adult-onset diabetes (Ronald Kaplan and Eric Walters)
  • Determination of the 3-dimensional structure of a glucose transporter facilitating identification of high-affinity inhibitors and activators that may aid in the pharmacologic amelioration of the complications associated with advanced diabetes (Jun-yong Choe).
  • Modulation of reactive oxygen species and calcium signaling pathways in the smooth muscle cells of resistance arterioles in mouse models of diabetes (Carl White).