IRB Protocol Review and Termination Applications

For Review of Initial Application for Exempt Status, Expedited, and Full Board Protocols; Continuing Review for Expedited and Full Board Protocols; and Modification of Exempt Status, Expedited, and Full Board Protocols:  Initial, Continuing, and Modification Application for Review      

For Continuing Review of Exempt Status Protocols:  Annual Notification To IRB For Exempt Studies

For Voluntary Closure of ALL Protocols:  Termination Application (short form)

Scientific Validity Assessment Form

IRB Protocol Screening Form For OSR and EHS

Informed Consent Documentation Template

Assent Form Template Example

Application For Addition To Research Team

Photo Video Release Form Template Example

Deans' Approval for the Recruitment of Students/Employees 
The signatures of all Deans at RFUMS must be obtained when recruiting from the RFUMS student body

Event Report

The following form is required to be filled out and signed by a student, mentor, and the department Chair when that student is involved in a study that is being done in fulfillment of degree requirements:

Confirmation of Graduate Student IRB Protocols Form