Research Labs

List of Policies 

All policies listed below have been modified and consolidated into a single POLICY MANUAL (approved 12/1/12)

Overview of Human Research Protection
100 General Policies and Organizational Structure 

Overview of the IRB
101 The IRB and its General Procedures

Pre Review Policies
110 Application for Review - General Requirements
111 (cancelled) 
112 Coded Data or Biological Specimen Research

Review Policies
121 Scientific Validity Committee Review
122 Full IRB Review
122.1 Vulnerable Populations - General Requirements
122.11 Pregnant Women, Fetuses, Neonates, or Fetal Material
122.12 Prisoners
122.13 Children
122.2 Obtaining Informed Consent - General Rule
122.21 General Waivers
122.22 Waiver in Emergency Research (FDA)
122.23 Waiver in Emergency Research (HHS)
122.3 (cancelled)
122.4 (cancelled)
123 Expedited Review
124 Exempt Status
125 Cooperative Status
126 Announcing Determinations
127 Additional Review

 Post Review Policies
130 Conducting Research - PI Responsibilities
140 Continuing Review, Lapse of Approval, & Termination of Research
150 Unanticipated Problems Involving Risks and Related Reports
160 Noncompliance with Policies or IRB Requirements
170 (cancelled)