Podiatric Medicine and Radiology
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The mission of the department is to support the values and goals of the college and greater University community through education, research, clinical care and community service. We support the college and its students through education and promoting  a collegial environment hallmarked by professionalism, cooperation, team-work and support for students and co-faculty alike.
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Please welcome Dr. Dyane Tower to the Department of Podiatric Medicine and Radiology.

Congratulations Dr. Evans! - The department would like thank and congratulate Dr. Dan Evans for 25 years of dedication and service to the college and the generations of students he has mentored. If you consider today’s average graduating Scholl College Class consist of 85 students, Dan has taught and   mentored more than 2,000 students. With approximately 12,000 practicing podiatrists in the United States, Dan has been able to have a positive impact as an educator and role model on more than 10% of podiatrists practicing today. I would know, I was once one of those students.

Updated: Aug 7, 2013

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