President’s Welcome Letter

Welcome to Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

With inter-professional emphasis, our mission is to educate healthcare and biomedical professionals with scholarship and integrity that prepares them for practice and research in modern times. Although health occupations or research interests differ, the faculty of our schools and colleges firmly believe that collaborative practice enhances the future delivery of patient care, and that learning to work in teams enriches the lives of students and all health and biomedical professionals. A visit to our safe, open and picturesque campus will find that our students, faculty and staff understand this mission, and work together as a family in embracing the Jeffersonian belief that the “first imperative of society after morality is health”.

An important part of our identity is the scientific curiosity creating the knowledge that equips our students for their future careers. Biomedical researchers at the pinnacle of their science, work with state of the art facilities and equipment. This body of women and men and the graduate students they mentor, inspire us with discoveries in neuroscience, the biology of addiction, cancer, tissue regeneration and preservation, cellular transport and structural biochemistry to name some of our major research interests. These scientists work shoulder to shoulder with “master teachers” to ensure the scientific basis of medicine is taught with excellence and relevance.

Clinical education offers a wide range of experience in many settings. Clinical educators on campus and in the clinics and hospitals partnered with the University are committed to and passionate about teaching the competencies that equip our students for excellence in clinical practice.

Diversity of the student body, faculty and staff is a mirror of our commitment to deliver equitable health care in turn to a diverse nation. This near century-old tradition of equality, eschewing in the 1940’s and 1950’s a quota system limiting access to medical education, is perpetuated in modern times.

In sum, our student-focused environment mirrors the belief systems of progressive health and biomedical research professionals of our “genome generation” who desire to understand all that is valued and needed for the care of patients and the prevention of disease. Our students are sought after across our State and in major health centers and universities throughout the land. Our alumni carry forward a proud tradition of appreciation for education and expert practice. Our University is dedicated to improving the health of the people of this nation.

We hope you enjoy your trip through our website, and that you will visit our campus soon.

Best regards,


K. Michael Welch, MB, ChB, FRCP
President and CEO

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