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Assessment Leadership Council Purpose Statement

The RFUMS Assessment Leadership Council will facilitate continuous quality improvement for student learning through the following goals and activities:

  • Facilitate a renewed focus on assessment for student learning by providing opportunities for faculty to share with each other how they do assessment including their successes, challenges, and lessons learned as a community of practice.
  • Provide encouragement, support, and opportunities for faculty to learn more about how to use assessment data once it is collected.
  • Assist in the planning and delivery of special faculty development programs related to academic assessment.
  • Serve as an advisory group for ways to recognize programs that are doing excellent assessment work and use the results for continuous quality improvement.
  • Promote the mapping, assessment, and integration of IPEC competencies for university-wide assessment across all degree programs.
  • Share resource information with the university community about assessment tools and software, e.g. Examsoft.
  • Provide leadership for each academic program to develop and implement a Continuous Quality Leadership (CQL) approach to program accreditation standards, many of which are linked to student learning and success.