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Right to Report or Not Report

Sexual Misconduct: One or more acts of sex discrimination. Such misconduct can occur among, between or to heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

Sexual Violence: Completed or attempted nonconsensual sexual acts obtained by force or threat of force. Sexual violence includes sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual exploitation, stalking, retaliation, and intimidation.

Those that have experienced sexual misconduct/violence are not required to file a complaint; however you are encouraged to do so immediately. Regardless if the person elects to file a complaint, reasonable accommodations or protective measures can be provided to the person who has experienced sexual misconduct/violence upon request.

RFU will not disclose the identity of any party involved in the sexual misconduct complaint, except as need to know, to implement interim protective measures, resolve the complaint or when required by state or federal law.

Questions or concerns regarding Title IX, this policy, or other aspects of the university's commitment to sex or gender non-discrimination may be directed to RFU’s Title IX Coordinator or University Compliance:

Allena Barbato, JD LMFT
Director of Title IX Compliance and Equity Officer

Heather Kind-Keppel, EdD
Executive Director, Diversity and Inclusion & Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Basic Science Building 1.272A

Individuals who have experienced sexual assault have the right to also file a criminal complaint by contacting local law enforcement in which the misconduct happened.

RFU Campus Safety and Security
Basic Sciences Building, L.357

North Chicago Police Department
1850 Lewis Avenue, North Chicago Illinois 60064
For more information
For emergency – 911