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Interprofessional Healthcare Workforce Institute

Founded in 2017, the Interprofessional Healthcare Workforce Institute focuses on development of the healthcare workforce pipeline by translating and aligning education and workforce learning into career pathways for the health professions. We address gaps in industry, particularly between traditional education/technical skills, common employability skills, and leadership skills needed for workplace success.

We champion interprofessionalism beyond traditional healthcare, bringing together a cross-section of industry and business that interface with the health professions. We communicate with educational institutions to make them aware of the skills employers are looking for. In this way, industries and employers adjust their hiring and business practices to focus on competencies and skills needed to align with job roles.


Meeting the needs of industry by aligning education and workforce training to build a skilled and competent healthcare labor pool to achieve better health for the community.


To have developed a skilled and competent global workforce


Our work is guided by a commitment to:

  • Social Responsibility
  • Empowerment
  • High Standards and Excellence
  • Continuous Development and Learning
  • Transparency and Integrity

About the Institute

The Interprofessional Healthcare Workforce Institute engages in activities to promote the development of healthcare pipelines and pathways at various levels to advance evidence-based practice research and workforce development strategies for all healthcare professions, including new and emerging roles. Our work includes:

  • Conducting and participating in research projects
  • Leading a trans-disciplinary consortium
  • Connecting and consulting with industry partners
  • Career mapping
  • Building competency frameworks
  • Developing common language
  • Identifying and developing curriculum of niche skill sets
  • Developing of standards for certificates/badges
  • Education to practice/skills development and training
  • Sharing knowledge through publications, presentations, appointments, and other outreach

Our hope is to become the Related Technical Instructional Provider for the Healthcare Professions. Currently, instructional training for healthcare is not strategically aligned or directed by a single entity that will ensure rigor, consistency, or portability in related instruction to meet industry demands. There is a need to create a framework that ensures both the emerging workforce and working learners develop the necessary competencies and skills that are nationally and internationally recognized. We connect how healthcare professionals learn with how healthcare professionals work.