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Journal Issues

We are pleased to share the spring issue of the Journal of Interprofessional Workforce Research and Development with you. The Journal continues to engage with professionals from across industry sectors to explore the successes and challenges of preparing a market-ready workforce. Our goal is to bring you evidence-based research, thought leadership, and community stories that provide context for understanding the future of workforce and how training and educational programming may evolve to meet the needs of current and future workers.

This issue highlights topics such as:

  • the role of credentials and micro-credentials in an evolving workforce ecosystem
  • the development of a solution to address health equity in patient-centered care , and
  • educational pathway and healthy behavior programming in our communities.

Thank you for your continuing interest and support of the Journal. We’re very happy to share the current issue with you and look forward to exciting opportunities for sharing additional workforce strengthening research and thought leadership content in 2019. We encourage you to explore Guidance for Authors for submission details, and as always, we invite you to reach out to us with comments and ideas.