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Eris Tollkuci, PharmD, BCOP

Assistant Professor

Eris Tollkuci, PharmD, BCOP, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, joined the department in July 2018. Dr. Tollkuci obtained her doctor of pharmacy degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) in 2013. She started her career with a general post graduate year residency at Rush University Medical Center (RUMC) in Chicago, IL. She then early committed at RUMC to complete her Hematology/Oncology specialty residency training. After completing her residency, she spent time working in oncology specialty pharmacy as a clinical pharmacy specialist at Northwest Memorial (NM) Hospital in Chicago, IL. Along with her role as clinical faculty at the COP, Dr. Tollkuci is a Hematology/Oncology/Cell therapy Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at RUMC where she had previously been working since 2016. Dr. Tollkuci is involved with the Patient Outreach Committee of the Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association (HOPA) and she serves as a reviewer for the Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice (JOPP). Her areas of interest include infectious complications in stem cell therapy, leukemia and medication safety.

Course Director

  • Pharmacotherapy IV (YPHP 710)
  • Advanced Hematology and Oncology (YELP 707)


  • Pharmacogenomics (YPHP 713)
  • Clinical PK/PD (YPHP 604)
  • Biochemical Principles for Pharmacy II (YPHS 512)


  1. [Publication anticipated June 2020] Tollkuci E. Immune checkpoint inhibitor toxicity management. Hematology Oncology Pharmacy Association (HOPA) News.
  2. Tollkuci E. Fertility Preservation: An important consideration prior to malignancy treatment. ACTA Scientific Women's Health. 2.2 (2020).01.
  3. [In progress] Yun D H, Varma A, Santos C A, Tollkuci E, Nathan S, Ustun C. Lethal candida blankii infection in a recipient of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Submitted to Bone Marrow Transplantation. (December 2019)
  4. [In progress] Tollkuci E, Fitzpatrick P, Seddon A, Nathan S, Myers R, Ustun C. Evaluating the efficacy of infliximab biosimilars in patients with acute graft-versus-host disease. Submitted to Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice. (December 2019)
  5. [Accepted for publication April 2019. Publication anticipated April 2020.] Tollkuci E, Chalmers A, Schultz K, Dewdney S, Basu S, Usha L. Carboplatin desensitization efficacy in gynecologic oncology patients. Journal of Hematology Oncology Pharmacy.
  6. Ustun C, Marinovic D, Baptista J, Tollkuci E, Mozer M, Rashidi A, Weber M, Mutlu E, Holtan S, Weisdorf D, Nathan S. Necessity for treatment of steroid refractory severe GIT GVHD: patience of providers. Bone Marrow Transplantation. May 2019. doi:10.1038/s41409-019-0630-1
  7. Tollkuci E, Seddon A, Geswein L, Musleh M. Midostaurin administration in two hemodialysis patients. Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice. 2019 Jul;25(5):1285-1288.
  8. Tollkuci E. Isavuconazole therapy in a FLT3 mutated acute myeloid leukemia patient receiving midostaurin: A case report. Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice. 2019 Jun;25(4):987-989.
  9. Baptista J, Tollkuci E, Nathan S, Maciejewski JJ, Larson M, Akpek G. Bridging to second allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation with nelarabine in a patient with relapsed/refractory T-Cell ALL. Blood. Dec 2016, 128 (22) 5200.

Ongoing Research

Actual vs Ideal: dosing weight analysis for Atgam use in aplastic anemia.

  • Principal Investigator: Eris Tollkuci, PharmD
  • Research Team: Angelina Raimonde, PharmD Candidate 2020; Amanda Seddon, PharmD; Rebecca Myers, PharmD
  • Manuscript in progress

Impact of letermovir on engraftment post allogeneic stem cell transplant.

  • Principal Investigator: Eris Tollkuci, PharmD
  • Research Team: Amanda Seddon, PharmD; Rebecca Myers, PharmD; Sunita Nathan, MD; Celalettin Ustun, MD
  • Manuscript in progress

Evaluation of mixed chimerism and other risk factors for relapse in patients undergoing allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation.

  • Principal Investigator: Debra Marinovic, PA-C
  • Research Team: Sunita Nathan, MD; Celalettin Ustun, MD; Jacqueline Baptista, APN; Mallory Weber, PA-C; Kristy Luke, APN; Ashley Reimer, PA-C; Anu Kadanagowd; Kathryn Schultz, PharmD; Brian Seyboth, PharmD; Rebecca Myers, PharmD; Eris Tollkuci, PharmD; Amanda Seddon, PharmD

Influence of obesity on acute myeloid leukemia induction efficacy.

  • Principal Investigators: Eris Tollkuci, PharmD; Amanda Seddon, PharmD
  • Manuscript in progress

Aprepitant versus olanzapine for prevention of acute and delayed nausea and vomiting associated with high dose melphalan and BEAM in autologous stem cell transplant patients.

  • Principal Investigator: Kathryn Schultz, PharmD
  • Co-investigators: Sunita Nathan, MD
  • Research Team: Lisa DiGrazia, PharmD; Amanda Seddon, PharmD; Eris Tollkuci, PharmD
  • IRB approved October 2017 and study open for recruitment

Evaluation of the incidence of cytomegalovirus with various graft-versus-host-disease prophylactic regimens.

  • Principal Investigators: Justin Fisher, PharmD; Eris Tollkuci, PharmD
  • Co-investigators: Sunita Nathan, MD; Celalettin Ustun, MD
  • Manuscript in progress