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Kelly Izsak, MS, PA-C


Kelly graduated from University of Toledo’s Physician Assistant program and spent the last nine years working at the Northshore University Health System’s (NUH) Emergency Department. She has prior educational experience as a clinical preceptor for physician assistant (PA) students and as an instructor of ACLS and urgent care classes for NUH employees. Over the past year Kelly taught hands-on skills in the PA physical exam and clinical procedure labs at RFMUS. Prior to becoming a physician assistant she was a registered dietitian and worked with the Lurie Children’s Epilepsy Team to provide dietetic education, support, and treatment to children with epilepsy and their families. Kelly looks forward to being a faculty member at RFMUS three days a week and keeping current with her clinical skills by working in the emergency room one to two days per week.

Curriculum Vitae



  • HPAS 502 - Introduction to EKG for Physician Assistants (CHP) Course Coordinator, instructor
  • HPAS 532 - Interprofessional Case Collaborations II Instructor


  • HPAS 533 - Interprofessional Case Collaborations II Instructor
  • HPAS 513 - Physical Exam Lecture and Lab for Physician Assistants (CHP) Co-Course Coordinator, instructor
  • HPAS 510 - General Medicine and Infectious Disease II for Physician Assistants (CHP) Co-Pulmonary Unit Coordinator, instructor


  • HPAS 518 - Emergency Medicine for Physician Assistants (CHP) Course Coordinator, instructor 
  • HPAS 523 - Clinical Procedures,  Co-Unit Course Coordinator instructor
  • HPAS 646 - Advanced Physical Examination Instructor