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Roberta P. Glick, MD

Lecturer & Learning Community Mentor

Dr. Roberta Glick is board certified in Neurosurgery. She began her academic career in electrical engineering at the University of Illinois at Champaign and graduated from the University of Colorado in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.  She then entered graduate school at Northwestern University in Neuroanatomy and studied electron microscopic aging changes in the brain. She received her medical degree from Chicago Medical School and completed her neurosurgical residency at Northwestern. Following her residency, Dr. Glick was a Visiting Scientist at NIH-NINDS.  

Dr. Glick joined the Cook County Hospital and University of Illinois, where her clinical work focused on the care and treatment of brain tumors, pediatric neurosurgical problems such as hydrocephalus, and care of patients with traumatic brain injury. She continued her work in growth factors and also began research focused on brain tumor immunotherapy using molecular biologic techniques to create tumor vaccines, i.e. “immunogene therapy” — a term she may have coined.

Dr. Glick has an extensive list of peer reviewed papers, book chapters, editorial comments, and research grants, and is often an invited speaker at national and international meetings. Dr. Glick has brought attention to the potential for immunotherapy as a promising adjunctive therapy for helping patients with malignant brain tumors overcome the poor prognosis associated with this disease, in part inspired by her own younger sister who died of glioblastoma.

Dr. Glick is also a professor of neurosurgery at Rush University Medical Center and has a faculty appointment at the University of Illinois in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology.