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Integrating teaching, learning & meaningful service.

Like our namesake Dr. Rosalind Franklin, who was known for her commitment to justice issues as well to rigorous scientific inquiry, our students and faculty are known throughout the area for using their knowledge and skills to serve the community—especially the underserved.

Service Learning requirements are folded into the Interprofessional experience course all clinical, first-year RFU students take. The students learn in the classroom and serve in the community in mixed teams from a variety of programs across the University. 

RFU has established numerous community partnerships that allow students to interact with a variety of people in different settings, from local schools, clinics, and hospitals, to women’s shelters, a family services organization for the Latino community, and an organization that serves the disabled population. RFU also owns a mobile health screening vehicle called the Community Care Connection, which offers free vaccinations and other preventative information and care.

In addition to ensuring that RFU students have as many opportunities as possible to interact with different people and situations, our Service Learning program also puts into practice our Interprofessional approach to learning. By working in multidisciplinary groups in real-world settings, RFU students begin to fully understand the value of team-based problem solving and care.

For more information please contact Jesus Ruiz.