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Mitigation Strategies

  • Campus cleaning:
    • Lecture halls: Cleaned after each lecture and at the end of the day (M-F only)
    • Library and café: Ongoing cleaning throughout the day and overnight cleaning (M-F only)
    • Other areas: Cleaned once daily (M-F only)
    • Offices: Cleaned weekly and upon request using the red tag system (M-F only)
    • Student housing: Cleaned once daily except on Sunday
    • Bathrooms: Cleaned 3-4 times daily (M-F only)
  • COVID-19 testing: Required if unvaccinated
  • Masks (clinical sites): Required
  • Masks (eating areas): Encouraged, unless eating/drinking
  • Masks (faculty lecturing): Optional for faculty member/speaker who is actively lecturing under the following conditions: the faculty member/speaker is fully vaccinated, wearing a face shield, and maintains at least six feet of physical distance from a seated audience.
  • Masks (private offices): Required, if unvaccinated
  • Masks (public, indoor spaces): Encouraged, required if unvaccinated
  • Monitoring and Screening: Required
  • Nap Nook: Closed
  • Physical distancing: Not required
  • Shuttle bus: Masks required. No distancing.
  • Symptoms/Illness: Required reporting