Dr. Rosalind Franklin
Explore the life of a trailblazing woman of science who fundamentally changed how we understand all life on Earth. Discover the achievements and legacy of Dr. Rosalind Franklin, from her early successes as a student and researcher to capturing Photo 51 — the X-ray diffraction image crucial to determining the double helix structure of DNA.

A Scholar in the Making

While growing up in London, Rosalind discovers her passion for academics.

Battles at Home & Abroad

During World War II, Rosalind helps on the home front while struggling against sexism in college.

Discovery of a Lifetime

While working as a research scientist, Dr. Rosalind Franklin pushes the boundaries of X-ray technology to capture a defining image of DNA.

A Lasting Legacy

Dr. Rosalind Franklin is posthumously honored with a health sciences university in her name, academic awards and more.