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Summer 2021 image
Summer 2021

In this issue: RFU’s enduring commitment to transformational life sciences research is demonstrated through not only the work of our talented professionals but also in the establishment of the Innovation and Research Park, a regional biomedical hub serving as a platform to drive discoveries that will help the community. Our abiding investments in teams, infrastructure and projects are driving research forward, producing results in the present and ensuring progress in the future.

Spring 2021 image
Spring 2021

In this issue: RFU is leading a post-COVID and post-2020 reality, envisioning a new future of health care and preparing the healthcare workforce for that future. We are rising up to meet complex challenges, use AI and other technologies, and hone interpersonal skills to improve health and longevity among populations.

Fall 2020 image
Fall 2020

In this issue: As the COVID-19 crisis lays bare enormous disparities in health outcomes, the university aims to challenge and defeat conditions that continue to damage health and wellness across generations. Students and faculty of RFU embrace their responsibility as future and current health and biomedical professionals, knowing their role in safeguarding the health of their patients and communities.

Summer 2020 image
Summer 2020

In this issue: RFU is committed to mentorship throughout the academy, which shapes the professionals we’re educating, the organizations they lead and the health of the communities they serve.