Past Issues

Education 2024 image
Education 2024

In this issue: RFU is advancing an innovative model of health and biomedical professions education and expanding access to that education to meet the healthcare workforce needs of our community and improve the wellness of our region.

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Community Health 2024

In this issue: Community health is at the core of RFU’s mission to improve the wellness of all people. We are eager to develop and deepen collaborations with those who can help us build health equity and improve care among our underserved neighbors. Working together, we can enhance access to education, help meet workforce needs and develop solutions that ensure all people have the opportunity to live their healthiest lives.

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Summer 2023

In this issue: Investments in both people and infrastructure are fueling Rosalind Franklin University’s research endeavors, fostering partnerships that support equitable health and wellness, and advancing our mission to serve humanity with compassion. We honor the legacy of our namesake’s breakthrough DNA discovery 70 years ago by building a culture of collaboration — in cutting-edge biomedical research and across disciplines — to solve complex scientific problems and achieve our shared vision for a healthier future.

Spring 2023 image
Spring 2023

In this issue: Working collaboratively, across disciplines and sectors, and applying a health-equity lens to our experiences, actions and decision-making, we can help build a future in which every person and community has the opportunity to achieve their full health potential. RFU is committed to educating health and biomedical professionals who will lead the transformation of the equitable delivery of care.

Winter 2023 image
Winter 2023

In this issue: Women in STEM, at RFU and throughout the world, are advancing human health across populations, including those historically challenged by inequities in care and research. RFU champions their contributions and continues to prioritize and celebrate the work of diversity, equity and inclusion across every area of teaching, learning and practice.

Summer 2022 image
Summer 2022

In this issue: Rosalind Franklin University aims to be a trusted partner in identifying opportunities for research collaborations that help bridge the gap between science and healthcare delivery. We are committed to equitable health and well-being for all people across all communities as a guiding value and goal across every endeavor of our mission of education, research and service. Together, we can build a shared vision to advance health equity through evidence-based, population-level interventions and innovations that help eliminate disparities in health and its determinants.

Spring 2022 image
Spring 2022

In this issue: RFU is committed to creating an environment that encourages innovations that bring lasting impact through improved health and wellness. We’re leveraging our strength and expertise in interprofessional, team-based collaboration and health professions education to build partnerships that transform systems of care, create more equitable, community-based solutions and design ways to make it easier to be healthy.

Winter 2022 image
Winter 2022

In this issue: The future of the prevention and treatment of chronic disease and epidemics demands a sustained commitment to health and wellness. RFU is positioned to lead this effort through new programs that include lifestyle medicine and nursing, and a continuing commitment to interprofessional teams and advanced technology.

Summer 2021 image
Summer 2021

In this issue: RFU’s enduring commitment to transformational life sciences research is demonstrated through not only the work of our talented professionals but also in the establishment of the Innovation and Research Park, a regional biomedical hub serving as a platform to drive discoveries that will help the community. Our abiding investments in teams, infrastructure and projects are driving research forward, producing results in the present and ensuring progress in the future.

Spring 2021 image
Spring 2021

In this issue: RFU is leading a post-COVID and post-2020 reality, envisioning a new future of health care and preparing the healthcare workforce for that future. We are rising up to meet complex challenges, use AI and other technologies, and hone interpersonal skills to improve health and longevity among populations.

Fall 2020 image
Fall 2020

In this issue: As the COVID-19 crisis lays bare enormous disparities in health outcomes, the university aims to challenge and defeat conditions that continue to damage health and wellness across generations. Students and faculty of RFU embrace their responsibility as future and current health and biomedical professionals, knowing their role in safeguarding the health of their patients and communities.

Summer 2020 image
Summer 2020

In this issue: RFU is committed to mentorship throughout the academy, which shapes the professionals we’re educating, the organizations they lead and the health of the communities they serve.

Spring 2020 image
Spring 2020

In this issue: GETTING TO THE TOP - James Inkyu Lee, PT, DPT ’10, specialist in the treatment and prevention of climbing injuries

Fall 2019 image
Fall 2019

In this issue: MICAH FOSTER, MS ’18, PA-C - Executive director of the Grand Rapids African American Health Institute

Summer 2019 image
Summer 2019

In this issue: HEALING MILD TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY - Jim Buskirk, PT ’83

Spring 2019 image
Spring 2019

In this issue: STOPPING THE LEADING CAUSE OF PREVENTABLE DEATH - Amanda L. Graham, PhD ’99, MS ’95 | Designing and developing digital tools to help people quit smoking

Fall 2018 image
Fall 2018

In this issue: PUTTING TECH IN THE RIGHT HANDS - Jennifer So, SCPM ’21, is working to develop a next-gen electronic health record

Summer 2018 image
Summer 2018

In this issue: NEW LAUNCHPAD FOR CUTTING-EDGE RESEARCH - The new Innovation and Research Park helps fulfill RFU’s mission to create and translate knowledge that will improve the health of the population.

Spring 2018 image
Spring 2018

In this issue: THE SCIENCE OF TEAMS - Interprofessional, team-based care is key to advancing human health in an era of exponential growth in knowledge and technological innovation.

Fall 2017 image
Fall 2017

In this issue: BLUEPRINT FOR HEALTH - RFU is creating a blueprint that goes beyond brick and mortar and pushes the boundaries of healthcare professions education and medical research.

Summer 2017 image
Summer 2017

In this issue: KILLING CANCER - Dr. John Buolamwini: What’s the structure?

Spring 2017 image
Spring 2017

In this issue: SEEING THE FUTURE - PLEDGE to support student enrichment

Fall 2016 image
Fall 2016

In this issue: IMPROVING PATIENT CARE - Jennifer Aguado, PharmD ’15, helps lead pharmacy system redesign

Summer 2016 image
Summer 2016

In this issue: STOPPING ALZHEIMER’S - Faculty startup works to bring cutting-edge research to market

Spring 2016 image
Spring 2016

In this issue: PILLAR OF CARE - Community across nations

Fall 2015 image
Fall 2015

In this issue: FASTER TRANSLATION - Interdisciplinary research accelerates the search for answers to problems with mobility

Spring 2015 image
Spring 2015

In this issue: TEACHING AND LEARNING - Veteran professors reflect on their life’s work