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Creating Lasting, Meaningful Connections.

The close sense of community and support experienced on RFU's campus is something our students point to again and again when explaining why they came to RFU—and why they're glad they did. Our goal in the Office of Alumni Relations is to expand and strengthen those relationships for our alumni, who are out healing the world, one patient at a time.

Maintain Old Connections & Make New Ones.

As one of our graduates, you're part of a 23,000+ member alumni network and the growing RFU family. We're here to support your career and help you stay in touch.

There are many ways to stay connected to RFU and many reasons to do so. Our goal is to provide a mutual system of support and opportunities that benefit everyone involved, from our most senior alumni to our next generation of alumni—today's students.

  • Share your email address with us to receive your choice of College specific E-Newsletters, Announcements of Upcoming Events, Class & Reunion News, Alumni News and Special University Announcements.
  • Tell us about yourself and where you are now. We want to hear about your residency, practice, recent appointments, fellowships, awards, and other significant personal and professional news (and we want to be sure our records are accurate and current). 
  • Take advantage of networking opportunities, whether you're hiring, looking for a job, or want to get more connected and help recent alumni connect.
  • Share your knowledge and experience with our current students by serving as an advisor, mentor, preceptor, lecturer, or by guiding students as they volunteer in the community.
  • Visit RFU for an academic, cultural, or social event, getting a first-hand look at the many exciting things happening on our campus today. Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations Mon - Fri, to schedule your visit. 

If you have any questions, please call the Office of Alumni Relations at 847-578-3200 or email us