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Dynamic Learning Experiences for a Dynamic Field

What differentiates our approach to academics? Interprofessionalism, a healthy blend of hands-on and classroom learning, and a commitment to our community.

Get the tools you need to stand out in a wide variety of healthcare fields, even as those fields continue to evolve. The graduate degree programs at Rosalind Franklin University (RFU) uniquely prepare students for fulfilling and successful careers.

Our Schools

RFU is made up of six schools. Each offers specialized degrees and training, while working together interprofessionally to improve patient care and well-being.

Interprofessional Education

Interprofessionalism is conceptually about improving care by developing strong, collaborative multidisciplinary teams that work together to manage many different aspects of a patient’s health and wellness. At RFU, interprofessionalism is more than a concept — it’s an academic discipline. We also offer a dedicated PhD program in Interprofessional Healthcare Studies.

Regardless of which RFU graduate degree you chose to pursue, you’ll find interprofessional thought processes and practices. The DeWitt C. Baldwin Institute for Interprofessional Education is dedicated to ensuring that the model of team-based, patient-centered care is infused into our curricula. Additionally, you will have multiple chances to put it into practice at RFU’s Interprofessional Community Clinic (ICC).

Interprofessional Community Clinic

The Interprofessional Community Clinic (ICC) is a pro bono clinic for the community as well as a unique and valuable clinical opportunity for RFU students.

Get Involved with the ICC

Practical, Experience-Based Learning

Small class sizes and opportunities to engage with fellow students and professors make the classroom a great place to learn at RFU. But it’s hardly the only place you’ll learn: We’re big believers in the power of a hands-on education that gives you a strong understanding of how to practice your chosen healthcare profession at our facilities.

To that end, RFU has a dedicated healthcare simulation team that creates and maintains realistic practice settings, which allow students to learn and refine their clinical skills without putting any patients at risk. RFU students can also apply their knowledge in areas ranging from primary care to behavioral health via the Interprofessional Community Clinic (ICC), where they can work with patients from historically underserved communities.

A Diverse Environment

We strive to create an inclusive learning environment where all of our students feel welcome and comfortable. And we’re committed to more equitable outcomes in health and wellness, as demonstrated by programs such as the ICC and the Community Care Connection mobile health clinic.