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Leading the way in interprofessional learning, practice and research

In 2013, the DeWitt C. Baldwin Institute for Interprofessional Education was formed at RFU to support and further develop the University’s dedication to interprofessional, team-based, patient-centered care. By training students from their first year of study forward to think, learn, and work in collaborative teams, we’re preparing them to optimize patient outcomes and reduce medical error in a complex, rapidly changing field.  

At RFU, clinical students have many opportunities to learn and practice interprofessionalism (IP)—from team-based classroom work and service learning placements, to simulation lab experiences and student organizations with an IP focus. The role of the Institute is to serve as a hub of learning, practice, and research in interprofessionalism, coordinating and continually improving this crucial element of RFU’s mission and vision.

The Institute’s work falls under two categories: education and research. Education goals range from providing tools and curriculum to support faculty as they incorporate IP activities and competencies into their classes, to establishing and managing IP service learning and clinical sites, where students can put into practice what they’ve learned. As a research institute, we assess the results of IP education and share our findings, serving as a national leader and resource for IP education.  

Our office of Service Learning is also housed in the Institute. The program is intentionally designed to be interprofessional in nature, giving students experiential opportunities to practice team-based care while serving communities in need.