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Despite Lake County being home to several major healthcare systems, a large public health department, a federal healthcare system, and biopharma industries, Lake County has never had a College of Nursing – until now.

The College of Nursing is an essential part of our mission to serve humanity through the interprofessional education of health professionals. Future students in our graduate nursing programs will be learning side-by-side with students studying to become physical therapists, psychologists, physician assistants, physicians, podiatric physicians, and many other professions.

Nationally, nursing professionals are calling for a more educated nursing workforce. Advanced nursing education contributes to improving patient outcomes, and RFU is committed to ensuring its graduates possess the knowledge needed to improve the wellness of humanity.

As the nursing profession evolves to meet the changing demands of the healthcare industry, RFU’s College of Nursing is responding by placing the patient and healthcare professional at the center of the community. Our focus on the needs of today’s patients is what sets us apart.