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Pledge to continue your leadership and influence.

Do your remember the day you proudly pledged to make a difference in the lives of others? As a member of the RFU community, in one way or another, you pledged to uphold the highest ethical and moral standards while healing the sick, offering care and comfort, making groundbreaking discoveries and more.

Is it time to pledge again?

Your pledge impacts:

  • The well-being of entire communities through community service.
  • The quality and diversity of our student body through scholarship.
  • The richness of our student experience through student enrichment.
  • How and where our students learn through technological advancements.
  • Important research advancements through groundbreaking research.

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RFU's Monthly Giving Program

A little can go a long way; consider monthly giving that fits your budget. Steady gifts like these allow you to maximize your impact at RFU without compromising your needs.

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