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As a community-based medical school, we offer our students hands-on experience in a variety of clinical environments in an interprofessional educational setting. See how we prepare our students for tomorrow’s healthcare challenges.

Patient-Centered Approach

At Chicago Medical School, we teach that patients are the center of the model of care, as well as an active and important member of the healthcare team. Our students learn that outcomes improve through positive patient interactions and clear communication. They sharpen their skills with patient interactions during their didactic training in our simulation labs in a supportive environment with attentive faculty.

Additionally, students get early exposure to actual patients in a range of clinical environments early on, including inner-city hospitals that help the underserved, the Federal Health Care Center that provides medical care to U.S. military personnel, and private clinics and practice settings.

Diverse, Interprofessional Environment

From day one, Chicago Medical School students learn and collaborate with their academic peers from our six other colleges. In this interprofessional setting, our students come to understand not only how different care providers and specialties intersect to form a more complete view of patient health, but also how to work on dynamic, patient-centered health teams.

Chicago Medical School believes in fostering a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can feel free to share their experiences and ideas. We also recognize the need to drive more equitable health outcomes and provide more and better assistance to historically underserved populations. And we put our values into action through co-curricular programs like the Interprofessional Community Clinic. This student-run, pro bono health clinic serves patients in need throughout the north suburbs of Chicago — and it provides students across all RFU colleges with an opportunity to work with patients in an interprofessional environment.

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