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Faculty Development

The Office of Faculty Development focuses on delivering programs designed to enhance all aspects of the professional life of CMS Faculty, including career development, leadership development, and teaching skills.

The Office of Faculty Development is committed to providing educational resources for all teachers at the Chicago Medical School. This website is divided into five sections and associated presentations depending on the role of the faculty member in the medical school: All Faculty, Clinical Educators, Education Scholars, Learning Environment Mentors, and Residents.

The coursework under each faculty category is designed as a guide of the coursework that is most applicable, but any faculty member may take any course. Most of these presentations provide CME credit. Course completion requirements are being developed for clinical educators, education scholars, and learning environment mentors. A certification program for residents who complete the required modules is described below.

Resources by Faculty type:

  • All Faculty - All Chicago Medical School faculty
  • Clinical Educators -  Faculty who have educational responsibilities in the medical school (such as course or clerkship directors)
  • Education Scholars - Faculty with a significant educational commitment employed in one of the departments at the school
  • Learning Community Mentors - Mentors in the House and Learning Community Program
  • Residents as Teachers - Chicago Medical School residents with teaching responsibilities

Upcoming faculty development events


Please feel free to contact anyone listed below should you have any questions or need any further assistance.

Nutan Vaidya

Nutan Vaidya, MD

Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs and Equity

Christina Rontell

Christina Rontell, MS

Coordinator, Faculty Development