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Residents as Teachers Certificate

Click on each link below to access the module. A certificate will be available to print or save on the final page of each module. Each module should take 30 minutes or less to complete.

Total Duration: approx. 20 minutes each

  1. On the first page, module practice gap, outcomes, accreditation and designation statement, and speaker disclosures will be listed for review.  Please read through them carefully. 
  2. On the second page, either a video or a series of slides on the selected topic will be displayed for review.  Please review the content carefully. 
  3. On the third page, please answer the related test questions.
  4. On the fourth page, fill out your contact information to receive your certificate. (Don't forget to list your email as the certificate will be emailed within 60 seconds post-completion of all eight modules) 
  5. On the fifth page, complete the module evaluation (5 questions) to receive your certificate. 
  6. On the sixth page, once you have completed all the listed eight modules, please sign off on the attestation page for confirmation. 
  7. On the seventh page, your certificate will display ready to print or save as PDF. You will also receive the certificate in your email as listed in the contact section earlier. 
  8. Click through to eighth page to finish the module.

Practice Gap: While there is an increasing expectation for faculty to teach medical students, there is not a standardized methodology for faculty development.  The goal of these sessions is to introduce a standardized way for faculty development and to be able to provide training to all newly appointed, on-site and volunteer faculty. 

Teaching and Learning