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About Synapses

The journal seeks to publish, on an annual basis, quality works that focus on experiences in medicine and expressions of the human condition. 

Submissions of creative works of poetry, art, photography, fiction and non-fiction, including narrative and reflections, to Synapses are open to faculty, staff, students, residents, fellows and alumni of Chicago Medical School. 

Each submission is reviewed blindly at two levels: first by reviewers, followed by editors. Authors will be notified of editorial decisions. Submissions open in mid-November and close in mid-January. The journal will be published once per year in the spring.

Mission Statement

Synapses is a creative journal of the Chicago Medical School dedicated to showcasing the artistic talents and literary pursuits of our students, faculty, alumni, and staff. Our mission is to provide a platform that encourages creative expression while promoting a deeper understanding of the human experience within the context of medicine and healthcare. We believe that nurturing a focus on the humanities can foster the development of more empathetic and compassionate physicians, enhancing their ability to connect with patients and better address their needs.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to celebrate the diverse talents and experiences within our medical community through the publication of original works of art, literature, and personal narratives. We aim to inspire our readers to reflect on the complexities of healthcare and medicine through the lens of creative expression, emphasizing the importance of humanities in shaping well-rounded, empathetic, and effective medical professionals.

Values Statement

We value creativity, scholarship, diversity, and inclusion. We believe in providing a supportive and collaborative environment that encourages individuals to express themselves freely and creatively. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity and promoting the ethical and responsible use of creative and intellectual works.

Our values also include:

  • Respect for diverse perspectives and ideas
  • Commitment to excellence and continuous improvement
  • Emphasis on evidence-based medicine and the importance of medical standards of care
  • Dedication to promoting social justice and addressing healthcare disparities

We aspire to promote these values in all aspects of our journal, from the selection and evaluation of submissions to the dissemination and promotion of published works.

Our belief is that fostering creativity and an appreciation for the humanities within the medical profession is vital for maintaining the humanity of our work and promoting a holistic approach to healthcare. We are proud to provide a platform that enables members of our community to express themselves through creative work while promoting an understanding of the importance of evidence-based medicine and addressing healthcare disparities.