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2023 Salon & Exhibit Opening

CMS held a salon and reception on May 15 to celebrate the release of the seventh volume of Synapses and the opening of the gallery exhibit featuring art, photography and poetry from the journal. The event featured a poetry reading and presentations by student, faculty, and alumni authors and artists. A selection of videos, audio, and photos from the salon can be found below.

Dr. Kwan Lew Lai's Presentation

Kwan Kew Lai, MD '79, discusses her essay "Healthcare in War-Torn Yemen," which was published in this year's journal. She talks about her experiences volunteering at two hospitals in areas of Yemen severely impacted by the civil war, and also about her other volunteer work, her writing, and her path to CMS.

MP3 Poetry Readings

Ayesha Mohammad, CMS ’26

"Life and Death of a Soul"


Tilak Joshi, MD, Faculty