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It should be no surprise that an institution named after Dr. Rosalind Franklin, one of the 20th Century’s most brilliant researchers, continues to attract and retain some of the world’s best and brightest scientists. Our 40+ researchers and their labs, working in 12 major research areas, are heavily funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Continuing a heritage of research that impacts the world.

More than half a century ago, scientists across the globe raced to discover the secret of life. At the forefront of this effort was Dr. Rosalind Franklin, a brilliant British researcher who in 1952 painstakingly conceived of and captured "Photograph 51" of the "B" form of DNA. It is this photograph, acquired through 100 hours of X-ray exposure from a machine Dr. Franklin herself refined, that revealed the structure of DNA.

Today at Rosalind Franklin University, our commitment to rigorous inquiry and discovery continues to honor our namesake. Our cutting-edge technology, facilities, and approaches to research attract the best and brightest scientists, whose work in knowledge discovery and therapeutic developments make us a competitive National Institutes of Health-funded institution. From curing Usher's disease and advancing new approaches to brain repair, to developing methods for reducing falls by 50 percent in older adults, the work at RFU is not only impacting science, it's changing and saving the lives of real people.

A Message from the Executive Vice President for Research