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Healthcare delivery is increasingly complex and nurses educated at the masters level are well prepared to tackle this complexity. If you’re interested in pursuing a highly challenging — and rewarding — career as a registered nurse (RN), you will need to:

  • communicate empathetically and persuasively with colleagues and patients,
  • think analytically about patient and system level data,
  • develop care plans for complex patients, and
  • address social determinants to promote population health, in collaboration with colleagues across different disciplines.

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The 24-month Master of Science in Nursing for Entry into Practice (MSN-ENP) program is designed to prepare you for both fundamental nursing concepts and the multifaceted evolving skills you will need to join, and ultimately lead, the profession. A combination of holistic, didactic coursework, 680 hours of clinical rotations, and lessons learned in both the Simulation and Empathy Labs, will provide the educational foundation you will need to confidently begin your career as an RN.

Our MSN curricula will offer you many opportunities to learn through interprofessional education, as well as hands-on and simulated instruction – getting you ready to serve on the front lines of health and wellness.

Our program is available to enter through three different time points:

  • If you currently have or will soon have a Bachelor’s degree in a subject other than nursing, please see the application requirements.
  • If you are a College of Lake County or Lake Forest College student, through these partners, we offer educational pathways to help you prepare for our master’s program.
  • If you are a Lake County (Illinois) high school student seeking to join our Nursing Education to Workforce Pathway, please visit our NEW Pathway page.

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