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RFU Profiles

PA Micah Foster Pushes for Health Equity
Micah Foster is striving to improve health outcomes and diversify health care as executive director of the Grand Rapid African American Health Institute.
Dr. Jerry Leikin Takes on Vaping
Medical Toxicologist Jerrold Leikin urges putting more focus on prevention and treatment to combat the opioid epidemic.
PT Jim Buskirk Works to Heal Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
RFU physical therapy alumnus Jim Buskirk is determined to assess and treat concussions, and has developed treatments to show the differences in mechanisms and injuries.
Dr. Paige Waterman Battles Antimicrobial Resistance
Army Colonel Paige E. Waterman is leading efforts to curb rising drug-resistant bacteria which has limited treatment options for 2 million Americans per year, according to the CDC.
Dr. Lowell S. Weil Jr. Named Recipient of Scholl College Honor Medallion and Alumnus of the Year Awards
Dr. Lowell S. Weil Jr., a leader in podiatric medicine, is also a true reflection of the excellence of Scholl College with a passion that has earned him the Honor Medallion and Alumnus of the Year awards.
Honoring John J. Sheinin, MD, PhD, DSc
Dr. John Sheinin has contributed to Rosalind Franklin University’s numerous advances, and inspired the model of interprofessional education and collaborative practice.
Dr. Amanda Graham Takes on the E-Cigarette Epidemic
Dr. Amanda L. Graham is taking on the e-cigarette epidemic as senior vice president of the Innovations Center at Truth Initiative in Washington, DC—the largest nonprofit health organization in the United States dedicated to tobacco control.
Learning to Heal the Diabetic Foot
Dr. Stephanie Wu, professor in the Department of Podiatric Surgery and Applied Biomechanics, teaches students how to take into account the patient perspective when learning about diabetic wounds.
Dr. David Feinberg and Dr. Andrea Feinberg Tackle Food Insecurity in Rural Pennsylvania
Chicago Medical School Alumni Dr. David Feinberg and Dr. Andrea Feinberg are improving health outcomes for people with diabetes by instituting the Fresh Food Farmacy in hopes to tackle widespread food insecurity.
Balancing Dual Roles
Dr. Sidharth Mahapatra applies academic discovery processes to clinical problems with compassionate creativity, all under the mentorship of the late Dr. Kenneth Neet.
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