issue Summer 2022

Helix 51 Biomedical Innovation

The life science hub Helix 51 continues to expand its roster of startup, early-stage and international companies, adding Katz Diagnostics and its fibromyalgia research in late spring.

On Sept. 22, Helix 51 and the Innovation and Research Park will partner with RFU research faculty on an inaugural Biomedical Innovation Day.

The event is aimed at creating regional awareness about the state-of-the-art research into novel approaches for diagnosing and treating a range of diseases. The event will be open to students, faculty, staff, researchers, alumni and the broader community.

Gastrointestinal infection research

  • Covira Surgical

Fibrotic disease research

  • BLR Bio

Diagnostic kits

  • Everyplace Labs

Cardiovascular research (cardiac arrest, heart attack damage repair)

  • Resuscitation Therapeutics
  • Targacell

Cancer research (cancer vaccines, cancer therapies)

  • Enzyme by Design
  • Artec Bio
  • Instil Bio