health. This is what we're made for

Rosalind Franklin University has always embraced innovation and change. We understand that it makes us better at what we do best. From our founding as a medical school that expanded access to the profession to our early understanding that interprofessionalism makes for better education and care, we have looked to the future and taken action.

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Environmental Health

It’s common knowledge that our health is closely connected to our environment and that health disparities are linked to differences in how and where we live.

Rosalind Franklin University is committed to working in collaborative partnership toward a more sustainable future. We’re taking actions to reduce our environmental impact and strengthen our efforts to educate our students, faculty and staff across subjects and disciplines about climate change and its threat to the health of humanity.

Mental Health

Epidemiological studies reveal that chronic mental illness makes people more vulnerable to a host of diseases and puts them at greater risk from the impacts of our changing climate. More than one in five adults in the U.S. lives with a mental illness.

RFU supports the mental health of our campus community. We’re integrating wellness into everything we do, creating systems that promote connection — a cornerstone of well-being.

Smart Health

Powerful AI tools are changing every area of science, health and education. They are helping us innovate solutions to the challenges that threaten our environmental and mental health.

At RFU, we’re educating a future health and biomedical workforce that can harness the power of large language models like ChatGPT and other AI tools for data analysis, clinical decision support and diagnostic care.

Financial Health

Our vital philanthropic community partnerships are empowering Rosalind Franklin University to steer health care and research in the right direction — one that elevates public trust, advances community-evidenced research, addresses critical healthcare workforce needs, removes economic barriers for learners and strives to achieve better outcomes for all.

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