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INSPIRE is an eight-week mentoring and applied research program designed to build the pipeline for Hispanic students pursuing higher education in the fields of science and biomedical research. The long-term goal of INSPIRE is to increase the number of qualified students from underrepresented populations completing advanced degree health programs and serving the community as practicing health professionals. Its primary purpose is to provide hands-on biomedical research opportunities and mentoring to promising high school and college students.

INSPIRE students conduct original biomedical research under the direction of a graduate student mentor and faculty advisor. The program includes weekly presentations on careers in the health sciences as well as mandatory academic and professional enrichment sessions to improve student performance in language arts, mathematics, science and work place etiquette. While in the program, students will be introduced to a wide range of health professions and interprofessional research opportunities. They will also be assigned a graduate student mentor who will provide insight, advice and guidance to them as they contemplate their future educational and career.

The role of the graduate student mentor is central to the INSPIRE program. RFUMS graduate student mentors meet weekly with the INSPIRE students during one-hour lunch sessions to help them explore careers in the health professions, chart a career course and navigate the college and financial aid application processes. The graduate student mentors also provide weekly remedial math and science lessons (scheduled for one hour, four days a week) and help the INSPIRE scholars with their abstracts or PowerPoint presentations to be completed by the end of their eight-week experience.

Being an INSPIRE mentor is a rewarding and unique experience that makes a lasting difference in the life and future success of our INSPIRE participants. If you can help or would like more information, please contact Shella Blue, Director of Foundation and Grant Relations at: or 847-578-8807.

The INSPIRE program typically runs from mid June through early August.

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