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Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences (IGPBS) is an integrative and flexible academic approach to the beginning of scholarly activity leading to the Ph.D.  Students who enter the IGPBS undertake a curriculum in biomedical sciences, facilitated by faculty of diverse research interests.  The Program is designed to provide foundational knowledge as well as advanced insight into current biomedical research.  As part of the overall curriculum, emphasis is placed on all aspects of career development and training, from acquisition of knowledge and critical review of current research publications, to development of skills in scientific writing and presentation.

During the first year of study, students within IGPBS participate in laboratory rotations.  These rotations provide the students with opportunities to delve into research topics that encompass a wide spectrum of areas of current biomedical investigation.  Students may elect to rotate through as many as four different research laboratories, with each rotation extending nearly one academic quarter.  During this time, the IGPBS student can determine which research project and laboratory setting is a best fit, personally and professionally.

Upon commitment by both the student and mentor to research and training that will lead the student to successful completion of the requirements for the Ph.D., the student then moves into the degree granting department within the University.

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